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Most cars today are built like computers on wheels and at times many will see those little warning lights on your dashboard. As frustrating as this is, the importance of addressing them as soon as they appear should never be forgot. They are warning lights and on most occassions they are simply alerting you that your vehicle needs some love and attention. Many warning lights are the first signs that if dealt with early can save higher costs if the issue is allowed to esculate.

Just What Is An Engine Diagnostic Check?

The engine diagnostic check tests the vehicle’s engine control computer (ECU) to scan all of the different systems to provide a list of any problems and error codes.

What Will Be Checked?

  • Reads and erases the vehicle error memory. IIf you have a fault light that is displayed on your dashboard, the diagnostics machine can read it and turn it off once the fault has been fixed.
  • Reading live data from the vehicle, a list of values from around the engine can be displayed, to allow us to ensure that all components in your vehicle are working correctly and giving the correct values.
  • Certain components can be activated to make sure they are working correctly and getting signals from the ECU using our Actuator tests.
  • Reprogramming of components will sometimes allow us to correct faults and stop warning lights from appearing.
  • After a vehicle service has been carried out, the car needs to be informed so that the service warning light can be reset.
  • Some cars with electronic handbrakes require winding back brake callipers and need to put into service mode to change the rear brake pads.

There are many benefits to having your vehicle diagnostics checked regularly including the running of your vehicle, the safety aspects and of course the fact that addressing these may report and alert issues that if addressed early could save you costs in the future.

To book your vehicle diagnostics please call 01236 822 244 and we will arrange a suitable date and time.

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