Vehicle Repairs

With fully equipped workshops Mclanachans provide vehicle repair services staffed by technicians with decades of motor trade experience. That experience is critical as although vehicle technology and diagnostic behaviour powers many vehicles today, you sometimes simply need a mechanic that knows their way around an engine. Our diagnostic equipment assists with problem solving and our mechanical team then take control of virtually any issue your vehicle is experiencing. It's years of knowledge of how engines are built, what makes them tick and how to address the problems they may have.
We have an extensive list of vehicle repairs that we offer our network of customers including:

Maintaining an effective vehicle braking system is a top priority for every motorist. Your safety and your vehicle performance is paramount to us and our team can assist with all types of vehicle brake maintenance. We have a number of brand and cost options available for many makes of cars, commercial or 4X4's. If you have a desire to install upgraded brake systems, our technicians can also assist.

Stringent vehicle emission regulations and part of your desire to optmise your vehicle performance are just two reasons to make sure your exhaust system is working. Your vehicle fuel efficiency can be greatly improved by a new and better performing exhaust, as well as the noise reduction and engine quality that a repair or complete new system brings. Our team can assist you today.
Yes, today's road surfaces do pose some challenges for our vehicle's suspension systems. With a range of repair options, as well as high performance suspension upgrade services, McLanachan Motors can ensure the comfort of each journey for you, as well as the up keep of your vehicle is one that is cost effective. From a further safety aspect, worn suspension can add to the braking capability of your vehicle.
Engine Diagnostics
Today's vehicles are sophisticated systems that monitor your vehicle and can offer early warning signs of problems, that if addressed quickly, may save money in the future. If you see any light up on your dashboard of warning signals, contact our team and we can plug you in and address the problem. Sometimes a simple reset is enough to have you on your way with peace of mind.

Cooling Systems
Overheating, or system air faults can cause many issues for motorists, not to mention the problems that the cold snap can bring. Our specialists can offer support to examining and fault finding within cooling systems, including radiators, as well as the supply and fit of radiators or pipes that may have seen better days. Integral to your engine performance, get it checked and get it fixed at McLanachan Motors.

Electrical Systems
From electrical faults within a diagnostics check, your MOT needing new bulbs, window system faults or a new battery to see you through the winter, our vehicle electrical services offer you a solution to keep on the road. An area of vehicle maintenance that does require experience in knowing many vehicle makes electrical systems. Tell us what you are experiencing and we'll find the source of the problem.



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