Tyres & Wheel Alignment

For your own safety and to ensure your vehicle is within the stringent tyre regulation laws today, minimum of 3 points on your licence for any tyres not meeting regulations, McLanachan Motors offer a Free Tyre Health Check at our centre. We only reccommend tyres to you when you really need them. If you've got miles of mileage left and your tyre is safe, then we will advise and look forward to seeing you when you do need us. Good tyres in good condition will contribute to your vehicle's handling on the road, providing a better journey but also contributing to better fuel efficiency. Something that with today's fuel prices we all welcome.

Checking My Tyres

Worried about your tyre condition and legal status? Try the initial 20p Test:

Insert 20p into the lowest tread depth of your tyre. If the inside edge of the coin cannot be seen, the tyre is safe with a minimum tread depth of 3mm. If the inside edge is visible, your tyre tread is less than 3mm and we’d recommend getting it checked by one of our experts. Once you know the condition of the tyre, there are many brands, sizes and running specification to consider. Not to worry. The tyre experts at McLanachan Motors can guide you through your options, best fit for your vehicle and even tyres to suit a pre-determined budget.

Call 01236 822 244 and we will be happy to assist.

Below is also some additional information to consider for your tyres throughout the year, as well as details on our fleet vehicle tyre services.

Summer Tyres

Choosing summer and winter tyres is all about maximising the optimum performance of your vehicle; provision of better fuel efficiency, noise reduction and better handling for driver comfort, as well as improved grip on wet and dry roads. If you value your all year round driving experience, then considering summer tyres is a must. At McLanachans we offer a full range of premium summer brand tyres, as well as a budget tyre range of summer tyres. Call 01236 822 244 to discuss your requirements and our tyre specialists will be happy to guide you on choice, budget and best brand tyre for your vehicle.

Winter Tyres

Winter driving can be challenging, it can be stressful and of course a little harder to keep safe. Many of our customers make it common practice each year to pop into McLanachans for their winter tyres. Similar to summer tyres, winter tyres, or cold driving tyres as some call them, are specially developed to provide additional driving performance and safety in winter conditions. Designed to work best in conditions below +7°C, it's not simply about driving in the snow, but also in wet and icy conditions that the cold snap brings, offering you a far superior grip and handling. For advice on your winter tyre choices, call McLanachans 01236 822 244

Fleet Tyres

We understand the importance of fleet vehicles allowing you to be operational all year round. Additional to our fleet and company vehicle repair and servicing programmes, we also offer a full management of any fleet and company vehicle tyres. We have fleet tyre options to suit all budgets and tyre brands of choice. We can offer our fleet customers a reactive tyre service or plan this to coincide with planned service and MOT testing intervals to ensure that your fleet is meeting road traffic legal requirements and your drivers are safe. Additional good upkeep of fleet tyres, especially transport vehicles, means fuel spend can be greatly reduced and more efficient. Call 01236 822 244 and discuss your fleet tyre requirements with one of our team today.

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